VA teeth whitening offer

Professional teeth whitening gives our patients the option of improving their personal and professional image. At Dr. Anthony Martin Dentistry we offer two options for safe and effective whitening:

  • In office power whitening with ZOOM!
  • Take home whitening kit

 In Office Whitening

ZOOM Teeth whitening is the fastest whitening method.  ZOOM is the same system used in the hit show “Extreme Makeover” . It works with a gel that is applied to the teeth and activated to full effectiveness with a special light.  We bleach for 3 or 4 rounds of 15 minutes, and the entire procedure takes about an hour and a half. We use a safe formula and most of our patients report little or no sensitivity.

At Martin Dentistry, your purchase of ZOOM whitening also includes take-home trays to further whiten your teeth, or to use for touch ups over the years.

 Take Home Kit:

The take home kit is perfect for those patients who have more time to dedicate to whitening their teeth, and for those with sensitive teeth who still hope to bleach. The results are the same as with ZOOM.

Take home whitening system requires a visit to our office, so that Dr. Martin can create a custom-made tray for you. Then you will place the gel in the trays and wear them while you sleep. Since they are perfectly tailored for your mouth, they will feel comfortable and will not interfere with your sleeping.

Why you should chose Professional Whitening:

  • Over-the-counter products can leave streaks and unnatural-looking bright splotches
  • The gel used by dentist is vastly superior to the types found over the counter
  • Procedure is performed under the supervision of a qualified cosmetic dentist
  • Results last for years

Read what our Patients are saying about ZOOM!

“I decided to try Zoom! Teeth Whitening after I tried several over the counter kits and saw little to no results. After one hour my teeth were the whitest they ever have been in my life. I saved time and money and I was able to do it during my lunch hour. Thank you to my hygienist, Jenny who suggested it!” -Jennifer, Newport News

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