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Dr. Martin and Dr Nordgren Virginia Beach VA

“I finally decided to do something about it and visited several dentists in the area.  While others seemed like assembly lines with a focus on number of patients, I chose Dr. Martin because of his approach and his incredibly professional, caring and warm staff.   Instead of making me feel bad about my teeth, Dr. Martin focused on what we needed to do going forward to get a great smile.”

“Great office, loving and caring staff. Cares for comfort of patients.”

“As always, everybody here is a beautiful example of the expert care, fine manners and all the nice attributes that warm my heart. I thank you more than I can say.” – Claire 

“Dr. Martin is one of the most caring dentist I have ever been to!. The office staff is very friendly and treats each patient with care and respect. I would recommend Martin Dentistry to everyone! – Cindy F.

“Walked in with severe tooth pain and he was able to work me into the schedule and fix me up. So grateful for his expertise and extraordinary staff.” – Steve D.

“I have always been terrified of the dentist, but Dr. Martin helps me through it. He offers a mild sedation option which I have used with him for years. This last visit however I tried it without sedation and everything went well. Dr. Martin and his staff are wonderful and kind. I highly recommend them. On top of their kind and gentle approach, Dr. Martin is OUTSTANDING when it comes to fixing dental problems in the most appealing way. You would never know that I have had a cavity with his beautiful filling work. He is very skilled in his craft.” – Susan F.

“I’ve been going to doctor Martin since I had teeth! he’s a part of my family now! love him and his staff whole heartedly! Could never ask for a better dentist! He has watched me grow up and has always cared for my family. I owe my beautiful smile all to him.”

I can’t adequately express how wonderful Dr. Martin and his staff are. They are professional, prompt and painless! What more could you want in a dental office? Well, you also are treated with courtesy and compassion. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

“I’ve always been self conscious of my smile due to years of neglect as a young man.  I was the guy who always had a closed lip smile, never wanting to show my yellowed crooked teeth.  

“I finally decided to do something about it and visited several dentists in the area.  While others seemed like assembly lines with a focus on number of patients, I chose Dr. Martin because of his approach and his incredibly professional, caring and warm staff.   Instead of making me feel bad about my teeth, Dr. Martin focused on what we needed to do going forward to get a great smile.”

“Not only did he do it promptly and at a cost 15% less than the other dentists…but it looks great!  I couldn’t be happier.  I will always be in debt to his entire staff for being so supportive and caring throughout the process.  I don’t typically write reviews but it was such a good experience, with what I think are incredible results, that I wanted to share my experience with anyone considering a new smile.   Do it and visit Dr. Martin and his incredible staff, you will be glad you did. ” -Byron S.

“I have never had a dentist care so much about me! He personally called me to check on how I was doing after a root canal….I was floored! He is such an amazing guy and dentist! The staff is so friendly and caring! You will make friends with everyone there! I LOVE Dr. Martin and his staff!” – Amanda C.

“Great doctor and great staff! Love these guys! Dr. Martin is awesome!” – Shayne Z.

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Martin for over 10 years. Have to say he and his staff are the best.” – Michael S.

“If you are looking for a great Dentist don’t look any further. This is the place to be. My son Garrett can not wait to go to his appointment. Dr. Martin is so good with kids. I think it is because he is like a Big Kid himself. The Staff there is always so friendly and happy. I will miss all them when we move.” – Amanda W.

“I am very well pleased with Dr. Martin and his staff. I have spent a lot of hours in dentist offices and he one of the best I have had both technically and diagnostically.” – Janice O.

“Dr. Martin and his team have a finely tuned patient-first attitude!” – Pat W.

“Thank you so much for fitting me in today and taking care of me;) I know I’m not the best patient! But you guys ROCK !!! Thanks to Jen Zslodos!!!!!!!” – Diane F.

“I met Dr. Martin for the first time today. He put me at ease right away & was very gentle. His office staff & hygienist Lupe are wonderful as well. Highly recommend Dr. Martin & his staff!” – Shari P.

“I couldn’t say enough good things about Dr. Martin and staff. They are so helpful and friendly. Did wonders with my implants quite a few years ago. Other dentists I visit now tell me how impressed they are with the work. If only I could travel half way across the world to go back to the dentist, I wouldn’t hesitate to make my appointments with Dr. Martin.” – Julie S.

“A special thanks to Dr. Martin & his team for squeezing me in for an emergency appointment. Thanks.” – Tara S.

“I am deathly afraid of dentist and I have been going through this since I was young. I just had a routine, and he was amazing so caring. I can’t wait to continue to see him.” – A. H.

“Dr. Martin and staff are AMAZING! I hadn’t been to the dentist in quite some time, due to a horrible experience as a child. Everyone went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. Dr. Martin even gave me a shirt to wear when I got sick, and walked to the pharmacy to get medication for me for nausea. How many dentist do you know that would do that? Aside from the amazing bedside manner, Dr. Martin gave me my smile back. I have been hiding my smile for years and now my teeth are beautiful again. I will never go anywhere else! Thank you Dr. Martin and staff. You have no idea how much your kindness means to me, and had changed the way I feel about going to the dentist.” – Teresa C.

“I have only had my new Emerson EMA for a few weeks, but I really LOVE it!! I got my first C-PAP machine many years ago and have used several models, along with various mask…all were very aggravating and cumbersome to use and none were really comfortable. I persevered because I definitely needed them and they worked. Several years ago Dr. Martin suggested I might try the TAP appliance, and I was so happy to get rid of that darn C-PAP machine. When traveling, no more bulky machine to pack or hunt an outlet to plug it in. I didn’t think it could get any better until I got my new Emerson EMA …it’s so much lighter and easier to clean, I can talk with it in, it doesn’t cause me to gag (I have an easy gag reflex), and it is SOOO comfortable. I would recommend anyone on a C-PAP machine to try it. And go see Dr. Martin to fit you with one.”- Jim L.

“Very accommodating with my work schedule. Will miss when I move. Thank you!” – Ashleigh C.

“I had terrible problems going to the dentist over the years because of fear. After my first visit with Dr. Martin he made me feel so comfortable I was able to ask about sedation. From that point on I was able to have my dental work done without stress. It made all the difference for me. Now I don’t have to avoid my trips to the dentist and I have been able to have the work done to my teeth that I have been avoiding for years.” -Susan, Yorktown

“I came into Anthony Martin Dentistry for the first time with a broken tooth and a bad experience from my previous dentists. Anthony Martin Dentristy got me an appointment right away! When I walked through the doors for the first time they were very warm and welcome! I have had to go back multiple times in the past year to fix a variety of issues and they recognize me every single time. They remember the things that I talk about and have conversations with me in a relaxed setting. I have never felt more relaxed while getting my teeth worked on! I am so thankfully to say that I finally LOVE going to the dentist!” – Katey C.

“Dr M has helped me multiple times and has gone beyond the norm on more than one occasion. The entire staff has been so kind and helpful since our family started service. Moving to Martin dentistry is the BEST decision we’ve made since moving to Virginia!!! :)” – Dominick F.

“I’ve been under the care of Dr Martin and his team for 18 years. From an emergency broken tooth problem, to bridgework, to routine preventative care treatments, this outfit is second to none in professionalism, responsiveness, and quality of care.” – Kevin T.

“My wife had used Dr Martin some years ago. So when it came time to Have some teeth pulled and a full upper plate put in I called Dr Martins office. I had been to several other
dentist checking prices and too see what they had to offer me. Dr Martin did a work up and sat me down and explained the procedures that he would suggest. I was so impressed that I gave him the go ahead. His staff have been so kind and compassionate to me through all the procedures. I could not believe how fast and painless it was. I look at myself in the mirror now with pride and also have the ability to chew my food properly. Dr Martin will be my family’s doctor, I highly recommend Dr Martin.” – James B.

“When I got a small chip on a bottom, front tooth and the dentist I went to for over 10 years couldn’t fit me in, I turned to Martin Dentistry. Not only did I get an immediate appointment, but the repair was so well done, I can’t tell where the chip used to be! The staff is friendly and accommodating, and Dr. Martin is one of the most skilled dentists I’ve ever known, and I am a formal dental hygienist who has traveled all over the world in the military. Thank you, Martin Dentistry and congratulations on your 20th Anniversary!”- Kim F.

“My family moved to Yorktown in the summer of 2001, and we found Dr. Martin and his awesome team shortly thereafter. Through the years, we’ve been loyal customers and they’ve been loyal providers. Even when our family situation changed, Dr. Martin and team continued to be our go-to folks, and we were able to bring more customers to them. The best testimony I can give, beyond that, is that when a dear friend had a dental emergency and her dentist/oral surgeon was unavailable to see her, I contacted Dr. Martin personally and he offered to meet her on a Sat. when he was not scheduled to be in, and even call in a prescription for her, all because of the relationship he has with me and my family. I can’t think of many other medical providers (if any?) who would do that so readily. That’s the kind of service Dr. Martin and team provides.” – Kaye D.

“I came to you all about 2 years ago. My Dentist had retired and I was needing a new place to go. I have faithfully gone to the dentist for my standard twice a year check ups. When I came to your office I had some pretty bad gun disease that I didn’t know about. The entire staff has been amazing. I feel so comfortable coming in to get my mouth worked on. I actually don’t dread coming to the dentist any more. Thank you to all the staff and congratulations on your 20 years. Please stick around another 20. I hope I never have to find another office to visit” – Very Happy Patient, Mark

“Thank you for always being so nice!” – Diann G.

“Awesome!! Thanks folks!!” – Marty W.

“Great experience everyday. Thank you.” – Dalton M.

“One of the best dentists and staff I’ve ever visited. Love them all!”

“So glad i found this practice!” – Cyndi M.

“Awesome service and always thorough!” – Tim R.

“Dr Martin has gave me the confidence to smile again. i Had terrible teeth lack of care because I was afraid of the dentist. i guess back in the 1970 there was no great dentist like Dr Martin. He took his time and restored my teeth to be great again, i get tons of compliments now all my family goes to see him. i would say my life has changed because i’m not afraid to smile again ( and try to look pleasant ) i now look forward to getting my regular check up. Thank you for helping me and having patience with me it was ton of work. I now love my smile and teeth.” – Jim S.

“Congratulations on 20 years! Dr.Martin has been a wonderful dentist and his staff. I was completely afraid of the dentist never ever had my teeth cleaned had teeth pulled just because i was afraid . i had trauma as a child with a dentist. but since I’ve meet Dr martin i have beautiful healthy teeth and i come regular for my teeth cleaning . thank you so much for making me feel comfortable.” – Misty S.

“As with a lot of people, I have a HUGE fear of going to the dentist. I have had a lot of dental issues over the years and my teeth just kept getting worse but due to my fears I put off going to the dentist. I work in healthcare and tell people all the time to take care of themselves but I became very embarrassed of my dental situation and could not force myself to get the help I needed. Needless to say I was going to try to do IVF again to get pregnant and I know I needed to find a dentist to start my dental journey before this happened. I was told Dr. Martin was not only very good at what he does but makes you feel at ease. At my first appointment I was a emotional wreck from nervous, to scared, to embarrassed. But at the end of my appointment I felt like a HUGE weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I cried when I left because I was so happy to finally start a plan for getting my mouth healthy. I had 9 teeth pulled and then successfully got pregnant with my second son. So here I am a year later starting to continue my dental journey. I just received 2 root canals and crowns. Sitting in the chair for hours to get this done would usually make me so nervous and scared but not with Dr. Martin and his team. I now look forward to my appointments because I know each time I am one step closer to a beautiful healthy smile.They have helped me with one of my most embarrassing secrets. Thank you, I truly am happy I found this office.” – Sarah M.

“Such a wonderful group of people. The staff are professional and friendly. – M. 

“Dr. Martin is very caring Dr. to me and my family. We love him and his staff.- S. Glass

“When he opened his first office he made his Mom so proud!”

“Friendliest staff east of the Mississippi. Love their happy place.”

“I love the staff they treat my family like their family.”

“This is the BEST DENTAL OFFICE, good quality and good time management!”

“I love coming here. Everybody is super nice and helpful.”

“Everyone is always soooooo nice, energetic, and eager to help me with everything I need. Dr. Anthony Martin, you and your staff ROCK!!” – Catherine

“So wonderful to visit with wonderful smiles and great attitudes. Excellence at its best.” – Gail

“Unbelievably beautiful flowers for Tammy who was in the hospital from a very bad stroke. Thanks!!” – Tom and Tammy W.

“I have always enjoyed coming to the dentist at Dr. Martin’s office. The staff is sincerely friendly and kind!” – Jean E.

“A great staff all around. Dentists are very informative and kid friendly.” – Erin G.

“Dr. Martin is awesome, professional and compassionate. His team is amazing!!” – Jacque C.

“I have enjoyed the personal attention I receive from your office. A great 17 year relationship.” – Doris B.

“Stacey and Dr. Ellen are a great team! They ROCK!” – Barbara J.

“This has been the friendliest and most professional office. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed coming here.” – Corine W.

“Dr. Martin and his staff always take the fear away when it comes to my visits! Very relaxing.” – Nikita W.

“All the ladies are very nice and welcoming! Best dentist office i have been to! Thanks!” – Sarah L.

“My first experience with Dr. Martin was amazing! Very kind and gentle on my teeth! Thank you.” – Jessie V.

“This dental office was referred to and it was the best referral i have ever had. I actually want to come back! Such friendly staff.” – Donna H.

“All of the staff members are so welcoming. Dr. Martin has done a lot of work on my mouth and i truly appreciate him. The best!” – Valerie F

“Great experience everyday. Thank you.” – Dalton M.

“Dr. Martin humming or singing as he works on my teeth! Love it!” -Patty Z.

“Would recommend Dr. Martin and his staff to anyone for service.” – Paula F.

“I love the staff. They are always cheerful and happy! Plus, always on time!” – Diane D.

“Ya’ll are great, just like family – the best.” – Lou S.

“Congrats on your 20th anniversary. Thank you for a good job!” – Irene B.

“Girls at the counter are always so pleasant and your office is on time.” – Leslie P.

“The investments of my time and money are paying dividends daily!! My chart has a large red notice of allergies!!” –

“Excellent! Great care! Love coming here!” – Linda W.

“Best dentist ever! Katie is so gentle and amazing.” – Kim W.

“I love the staff. So friendly, kind and cheerful. Thank you!!” -Lynn P.

“Great cleaning!” – Joni H.

“Always a great experience!” – Pat R.

“Staff is very helpful!” – Moriah E.

“Very good care.” – Bill M.

“Everyone is so nice and helpful. Love you all!” – Linda S.

“Such a great dentist. Office staff and hygienists are awesome.” – Jon N.

“I wish I would have become a patient of Dr. Martin much earlier. We are so happy with his dental services.”

“Katie did a wonderful job cleaning my teeth. Everyone is friendly and efficient.” – Joann C.

”Pleasant people and excellent service!” – Min K.


Anthony Martin Dentistry is proud to serve the many military families who use military insurance programs for their dental health needs. We believe that every family should have access to the best dental care. That is why we are proud to be an in-network provider for all military insurance plans! We find it very rewarding to be able to serve our heroes and their families.

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