Dentist- YorktownHave you ever wondered why Dr. Martin (and the American Dental Association) recommend you visit us every six months? It’s because regular dental hygiene visits are essential for healthy teeth and gums. In addition, it’s important that you work to keep your teeth and gums healthy between those examinations.

During a typical checkup and dental cleaning appointment at our Yorktown dental office, Dr. Martin and his team will :

  • Examine the gums
  • Look for signs of gum disease
  • Check for loose teeth
  • Looking at the tissues inside of your mouth
  • Examine your tongue
  • Check your bite
  • Look for visual evidence of tooth decay
  • Check for broken teeth or damaged fillings
  • Look for changes in the gums covering teeth

After the check-up, we will thoroughly clean, polish and floss your teeth, leaving them fresh and gleaming! Once we finish with your examination and cleaning, we’ll discuss with you the health of your teeth and gums,  and make any additional recommendations.

As we mentioned previously, it’s important that you maintain good dental hygiene between your check-ups. Plaque is always forming on your teeth, but you can get rid of it by brushing and flossing regularly.

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Be sure to use a toothpaste that contains fluoride.
  • Floss at least once a day.

In addition to keeping your teeth and gums healthy, regular examinations can help save thousands of dollars by allowing us to find and treat possible problems in their early stages, when they are most treatable, and less likely to rack up a big dental bill. So if you haven’t come to visit us in the last six months, it’s time to schedule your appointment with Anthony Martin Dentistry. We look forward to seeing you!