Flossing Facts…Did you Know?

flossingDentists routinely recommend flossing as a valuable part of oral health care. When performed properly, using dental floss to remove debris between teeth and at the gum line is safe and beneficial. A daily regime of flossing helps prevent tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.

Here are some interesting facts about dental floss you might not know:

*There is evidence that our forefathers used materials such as horse hair as a precursor to floss to remove food from between their teeth.
*Dental floss was first developed in 1815 in Louisiana by American dentist Levi Spear Parmly who designed the product from silken thread.
*Nylon replaced silk as the most common floss material following the increased price of silk during the second World War.
*Many believe flossing BEFORE brushing allows fluoride to better penetrate the mouth and is more helpful in fighting tooth decay.
*Despite its simple design, sometimes people injure their gums when flossing due to too much pressure, and some are guilty of transferring food and bacteria              from tooth to tooth by neglecting to make sure they floss each tooth with an unused segment of the strand.
*Proper and regular flossing can help prevent many conditions including deadly heart disease.
*In a few cases, prisoners have been known to use dental floss to “saw” their way through bars and even collect copious amounts of it to convert into “rope” to use to scale prison walls.
*Aside from the popular flavors of mint and bubblegum, there is also bacon flavored floss!

Though many regard flossing as secondary to brushing, flossing is an essential part of a good oral healthcare routine. Remember,  flossing gets to the places your toothbrush can’t!

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